Tantric Massage Addis

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 What is Tantric Massage Addis?

A tantric massage in addis is a very slow style of Asian massage. Unlike most other massage therapies, it follows a very strict ritual that’s based on tantra principles. Tantra refers to repeating sacred phrases and actions to focus the mind and full body to enter a new state of awareness. Likewise, tantric massage addis  is about spiritual awareness. It uses the power of manual therapy and pleasure to help focus the mind. A tantric massage addis involves a mixture of traditional and sensual massage techniques that are designed to slowly arouse you and keep you on the edge of an orgasm.

Tantric Massage Addis

How We Do It

Our tantric massage are normally performed naked and involve a lot of bare bodily contact. The masseuse will rub massage oils over your bare skin and begin to delicately apply varying pressures into your muscles. A variety of traditional Swedish massage techniques and more erotic movements will be combined to keep your mind on the edge of orgasm. Whenever you get close to an orgasm, the masseuse will ease off, allowing your pleasure levels to drop. Then she’ll start over again. The point is to maintain this heightened level of pleasure and exercise extreme self-control. By learning to control your urges, you will experience more pleasure during sexual activity and ultimately, have more powerful and frequent orgasms.

Our Girls

 Lucy Addis Nuru Massage has a group of young masseuse who stand out for their beauty, friendliness, affection, attention to our guests, but also for their professionalism and expertise. Book your tantric massage in Addis today!

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