Sensual Massage Addis

Get the real Sensual Massage in Addis By Lucy Addis Nuru Massage . You will be assisted by our beautiful sexy Habesha masseuse who knows exactly what you need.

What is Sensual Massage Addis?

A sensual massage is not a sexual service. It’s a form of sexual therapy that helps with energy and holistic tension release. Sensual massage uses tantric techniques to coax and arouse the body to let go of its restraints. It’s different from traditional massage therapies because it looks at the whole body, sexual organs too, and concentrates on releasing pent-up sexual energy. This makes sensual massage far more gratifying than other methods.

Sensual massages focus on stimulating the senses to arouse the body and release repressed energy. This style is known to be emotional due to its near-meditative powers. Its highly intimate nature allows the full body and soul to connect, taking you to a higher enlightened state of mind.

Sensual Massage Addis

How We Do Sensual Massage Addis

Your massage therapist will start by giving you a full body massage to relax your body and mind. Her soft, gentle touch will surely iron out any creases in your muscles and head. You’ll begin to be increasingly aware of your surroundings – the scented candles, the warm atmosphere, the sweet relaxing massage oils and the sensuous touch of the beautiful masseuse. This increased awareness will arouse you, and you’ll feel more and more of the sensations. 

How We Do It…

Sensual Massage Addis are meant to prolong arousal, so the Asian masseuse will tease you for a while. When she finally lets you run free, you’ll explode in huge release of tension. Your orgasm will likely be the most intense and pleasurable experience you’ve ever had. You’ll feel truly liberated and like a new man.

Our Girls

Lucy Addis Nuru Massage has a group of young masseuse who stand out for their beauty, friendliness, affection, attention to our guests, but also for their professionalism and expertise. Book Sensual Massage Addis now!

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