Nuru Massage Addis

Get the real Nuru Massage Addis By Lucy Addis Nuru Massage . You will be assisted by our beautiful sexy Habesha masseuse who knows exactly what you need.

What is Nuru Massage Addis?

Nuru massage is a body-to-body massage that takes place between two completely naked people, or almost naked. The masseuse will use hands, feet, legs, buttocks, breasts, inner thighs, knees …Caressing, pressing, brushing, squeezing, trapping and enveloping the recipient of the massage in a delight of sensations.

nuru massage addis

How We Do It

The nuru massage addis will start with a long hot shower or a dip in the tub. This will help you to relax and further soften your muscles so that you will ready to connect with your goddess, and to feel closer to each other. After sharing a shower or bath your goddess will offer you the nuru gel to maximize your relaxation and excitement.

Now you are ready for real nuru massage experience. Together with your masseuse just have fun sliding around on top of each other and forget about any prejudice or shame. We know you will enjoy this unique intimate experience. We are here to help you to realize all your dreams and desires.

Our Girls

Lucy Addis Nuru Massage has a group of young masseuse who stand out for their beauty, friendliness, affection, attention to our guests, but also for their professionalism and expertise.

Kalkidan Abate

Meron Belachew

Fiyorina Gedamu

Danayit Meteku


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