Erotic Massage Addis

Get the real Erotic Massage in Addis By Lucy Addis Nuru Massage . You will be assisted by our beautiful sexy Habesha masseuse who knows exactly what you need.

What is Erotic Massage?

Erotic massages are sexy, sensual and seriously saucy. Erotic massage targets the erogenous points across the body- which are locations that are associated with pleasure.  Using tried and tested techniques, our masseuses use gentle touch and stimulation to slowly ignite arousal throughout a session. By filtering and refining pleasure and sensation, clients are forced into an almost euphoric state and become paralysed with pleasure. Both relaxing and mind-blowing, erotic massages deserve their notoriety- they are matchlessly intense.

How We Do It

Our beautiful massage therapists use their hands to gently arouse the erogenous zones until pleasure is surging through the full body like electricity. Our massage therapists teach clients how to prolong pleasure by using breathing techniques and clearing the mind of thought. The ability to do this is almost impossible without guidance- but that is what erotic massages as for. Every massage begins with a full body traditional massage intended to relieve tension from the body and knead out any knots. The masseuse will then target your erogenous areas where the client will be pushed to the edge time and time again.

How We do it….

Do you think you’ve felt pure satisfaction before? Well, the chances are, you’re wrong- unless of course you’ve had an erotic massage before. After what feels like an eternity of being teased and caressed, your masseuse will give you what your desire the most- the chance to experience the release of a lifetime.

Our Girls

Lucy Addis Nuru Massage has a group of young masseuse who stand out for their beauty, friendliness, affection, attention to our guests, but also for their professionalism and expertise.

Kalkidan Abate

Meron Belachew

Fiyorina Gedamu

Danayit Meteku


Around 22 near adey abeba stadium


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24 hours service