Body To Body Massage Addis

Get the real Body To Body Massage Addis By Lucy Addis Nuru Massage . You will be assisted by our beautiful sexy Habesha masseuse who knows exactly what you need.

What is Body To Body Massage Addis?

A Body To Body Massage Addis is exactly what it sounds like- it’s an extremely sexy form of massage therapy that involves a great deal of naked body contact. Unlike other massage styles, Body to Body masseuses don’t just use their hands to play with your body- they also use their naked, oily curves, breasts, buttock’s and intimate areas. Using plenty of special massage oil and certain relaxing techniques, Body to Body masseuses use grinding movements to send you into a deep state of erotic euphoria. This incredibly intimate and arousing form of massage therapy really does take sex to a whole new level.

Body To Body Massage Addis

How We Do It

Before a Body to Body session, you will be expected to thoroughly shower and clean yourself at least 30 minutes before your massage therapist is due to arrive. This style is performed naked, so hygiene is of the upmost importance- but more importantly, your lovely masseuses might even join you for some pre-massage fun… Once clean, you will be instructed to lie face down on the bed or floor where your stunning lady will begin to drizzle warm massage oil all over your body. The main session will commence with a full-body relaxing massage that will relieve tension right across your body and will also ignite your arousal levels.

An average Body To Body Massage Addis session

After several minutes, your Habesha masseuse will alluringly crawl up your back where she will start go grind and slide up and down your supple body. By this point, you will begin to tingle and shake with arousal as she grinds her crotch all over you. She will then turn you around and repeat the process over again- but this time, you get to watch in amazement. You will moan, shiver and flinch in raw pleasure as she turns her attention to your sacred area. If you think you’ve had mind-blowing sexual stimulation before, then you’ve clearly never had a body to body massage. But when she finally lets you reach orgasm, you’ll experience the most intense, lustful release you’ve ever had. Trust us; it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Our Girls

Lucy Addis Nuru Massage has a group of young masseuse who stand out for their beauty, friendliness, affection, attention to our guests, but also for their professionalism and expertise.

Kalkidan Abate

Meron Belachew

Fiyorina Gedamu

Danayit Meteku